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    There is enough land in the Amazon region to satisfy Brazilian society's demands for economic development, environmental management of a resource base of global importance and the challenges of agrarian reform. Yet Brazil has been unable to create a fully coherent and manageable land policy and administration system for the region which permits sustainable development goals to be achieved while reconciling special interests and uses. Instead, resource waste, private appropriation of the public domain and social conflict characterize land relations in the region.

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    janvier, 2011

    Since the economic recession in Latvia, the national debt in September 2010 amounted to 4.717 billion lats. The study confirms significant impact of downward trends of the economy of Latvia on the national budget performance indicators in 2009. One of the most commonly mentioned and controversial indicator is the real estate tax that has to be imposed also on the land. The aim of this study is to analyse and assess the system of the Land Fund of Latvia and features of tax application.

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    janvier, 2008

    This paper analyses the impacts of the Ethiopian Land Certification Program on productivity. It aims to identify how “technological gains” would measure up against the benefits from a resultant improvements in “technical efficiency”. Based on its results, the paper concludes that farms belonging to the group without land use certificate are less productive than those certified plots. However, it suggests that this is not due to so much lack of internal technical efficiency. Rather, the paper finds the reason is down to a technological disadvantage.

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    janvier, 2011

    The caste system is an intricate part of the institutional structure as well as class formation, political instability and conflicts in Nepal. The most severely discriminated group in the caste system is the Dalits, the so-called “untouchables”. Dalits faced religious, occupational and even, territorial discrimination. They were traditionally excluded from receiving education, using public resources, and had no rights to own land.

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    The objective of the Sustainable Forestry for Rural Development (SUFORD) Project for Lao People's Democratic Republic is to institute systematic management of natural production forests nation-wide to alleviate rural poverty, protect biodiversity, and enhance the contribution of forestry to the development of national and local economies in a sustainable manner.

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    This Resettlement and Compensation Framework for the Philippines Support for Strategic Local Development and Investment Project serves as a guideline for preparing Resettlement Plans and other related documents required to mitigate any adverse social and economic impacts arising from land and other assets. This report outlines national and Bank principles and policies, and the legal framework affecting anticipated resettlement and/or asset acquisition, as well as participation measures and grievance mechanisms.

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    The Land Management and Conservation Project will be part of a long term program for land management and erosion control to enhance agricultural productivity, to be carried out through newly elected village, ward and district councils.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    janvier, 1999

    The note focuses on the global effects of land degradation, but emphasizes other important levels of land degradation: at the field level, it may result in reduced productivity; at the national level, it may cause flooding, and sedimentation; and, at the global level, it can contribute to climate changes, damaging bio-diversity, and international waters. The effects on climate changes are explored, and the report questions the extent to which land degradation on agricultural land, affects climate change. Does it increase emissions of greenhouse gases?

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    avril, 2007

    The agricultural land market in Slovakia has noted an increased dynamics recently. This situation is the result of entering big foreign investors, particularly car factories which bought agricultural land for construction purposes. It resulted in the raised prices of plots. Agricultural land prices sold for further agricultural use are markedly lower from those in the EU-15. Such prices are the third lowest ones within the new EU member countries.

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