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    mars, 2012

    The contribution of return migrants to
    economic development in source countries can be significant.
    Overseas savings of returnees may lead to improvements in
    household welfare and provide liquidity for investments in
    the face of credit market failures. Labor market experience
    and skills acquired abroad may also lead migrants to find
    occupations higher in the skill and remuneration spectrum
    upon return. This study uses the 2005 Albanian Living

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    juin, 2012

    This Financial Sector Assessment (FSA)
    summarizes the structural and developmental aspects of the
    2007 Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) update
    report for the Republic of Croatia. An in-depth elaboration
    on the stability and prudential oversight aspects of the
    FSAP Update, including factual updates of core principles
    and Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs),
    are summarized in the Financial System Stability Assessment

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    juin, 2012

    The private enterprise sector in Bosnia
    and Herzegovina (BiH) has been expanding steadily, and
    estimates are that it presently contributes close to 50
    percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The BiH private
    enterprise sector initially developed following the
    privatization program starting in 1999. Under that program,
    the majority of state owned enterprises (SOEs) that were
    privatized were done so using the voucher privatization

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    mai, 2012

    This report was prepared in close
    collaboration with the Bank of Albania. This report focused
    on trade, services, and agriculture; however, the limited
    scope of their operations still leaves a potentially large
    unmet demand for credit in agriculture. This report focuses
    on problems related to the operation of Immovable Property
    Registry System (IPRS) and other institutions and the
    formalization of property rights and inscription of

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    juin, 2012

    This sector report claims that in the
    three years between 2002 and 2005 alone, almost 235,000
    people have moved out of poverty in Albania. Strong economic
    growth and large inflow of remittances are at the center of
    this impressive achievement. However, low productivity of
    predominantly small family farms has put a drag on rural
    growth prospects. Moreover, Ndihma Ekonomike (NE) program,
    the means-tested income support program is small in scale,

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    juin, 2012
    Monténégro, Serbie

    Beginning in the late 1990s, Montenegro's economic reform program reached momentum in the early 2000s. Its reform program rested on two broad pillars: macroeconomic stabilization, and market-oriented structural reforms. However, the macroeconomic and structural reforms have yielded modest economic recovery and transition, holding a current account deficit, which although still high, is improving; yet its principal human welfare indicators such as poverty, life expectancy, and adult literacy remained moderate and stable. But significant challenges remain.

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    juillet, 2014

    Albania has undertaken major reforms in
    its system of local government finance since 2000. What had
    been a system in which local functions were ambiguous and
    financing was largely provided through tightly controlled
    earmarked grants is now one in which functions are
    relatively clear and local governments have more autonomy
    over the allocation of funds. A new system of competitive
    grants for infrastructure investment has been introduced.

  8. Library Resource
    août, 2014

    This report on Albania urban sector
    review focuses on trends and issues that have come to the
    fore with rapid urbanization and with the recent
    decentralization of major responsibilities to local
    governments. Continuing the achievements and addressing the
    problems will require actions by local governments and, just
    as importantly, by the central government, which sets the
    legal and regulatory conditions for local governance and the

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    juin, 2012

    In view of its increasing importance,
    and the dearth of information on return migration and its
    impacts on source households, this study uses data from the
    2005 Albania Living Standards Measurement Study survey and
    assesses the impact of past migration experience of Albanian
    households on non-farm business ownership through
    instrumental variables regression techniques. Moreover,
    considering the differences in earning potentials and

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    février, 2013

    This report assesses Montenegro's
    public and external debt sustainability under alternative
    scenarios. The baseline scenario assumes continued
    implementation of a macroeconomic stabilization and
    structural reform program, while the low case scenario
    describes the alternative of a sluggish growth environment
    due to policy slippage/weak reform. In addition, other
    sensitivity tests are conducted in order to highlight the

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