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    septembre, 2004

    The paper deals with an application of the least squares method (LSM) for the purposes of division and evaluation of land. This method can be used in all cases with redundant number of measurements. The traditional procedure of calculus of variations with the use of Lagrangian function is shown. If some additional conditions are included in the calculation, it is possible to evaluate the degree of deformation of the selected solution in relation to the measured quantities.

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    janvier, 2004

    This paper analyzes the impact of land titling on child health and education in Argentina. The authors exploit a natural experiment in the allocation of land titles across squatters in a poor suburban area of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to evaluate the impact of property rights on child health and education outcomes.

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    On farm conservation of rice biodiversity in Nepal: a simultaneous estimation approach cover image
    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2005

    "This paper presents an empirical case study about farmer management of rice genetic resources in two communities of Nepal, drawing on interdisciplinary, participatory research that involved farmers, rice geneticists, and social scientists. The decision-making process of farm households is modeled and estimated in order to provide information for the design of community-based conservation programs.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    janvier, 2005
    Inde, Asie

    In this brief, the authors suggest five areas for action to put rural India on a higher growth trajectory that would cut hunger, malnutrition, and unemployment at a much faster pace than has been the case so far. The five areas for action are interlinked and would best work if pursued in conjunction. The authors emphasize investments with a human face that include and reach out to the rural poor and a reorientation of subsidies toward such investments: 1.

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    janvier, 2004
    Nicaragua, Amérique latine et Caraïbes

    The Nicaraguan Red de Proteccion Social (RPS) suggests that successful safety nets can protect the most affected by crisis without abandoning conditionality." -- from Text

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2004

    La acción colectiva ocurre cuando se requiere que más de una persona contribuya con un esfuerzo para lograr un resultado.

  7. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2005
    Amérique centrale

    The overall objective of this paper is to develop an appropriate conceptual and analytical framework to better understand how prospects for growth and poverty reduction can be stimulated in rural Honduras. We employ complementary quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis, driven by an asset-base approach. Emphasis on assets is appropriate given high inequalities in the distribution of productive assets among households and geographical areas in Honduras. Such inequalities are likely to constrain how the poor share in the benefits of growth, even under appropriate policy regimes.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2004

    Institutions of collective action and systems of property rights shape how people use natural resources, and these patterns of use in turn affect the outcomes of people’s agricultural production systems. Together, mechanisms of collective action and property rights define the incentives people face for undertaking sustainable and productive management strategies, and they affect the level and distribution of benefits from natural resources.

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