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    Land Administration Review Armenia
    Rapports et recherches
    octobre, 2001

    At its sixty-first session in September 2000, the ECE Committee on Human Settlements accepted the proposal of the Bureau of the Working Party on Land Administration to provide expert assistance to Armenia on land administration issues (ECE/HBP/119, annex I, programme element “Land registration and land markets”). Security of tenure is one of the most important factors in fighting poverty and stabilizing communities by improving housing conditions through housing investments, reducing social exclusion, improving access to urban services, environment and safety in urban areas.

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    Armenia Country Profile
    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2022

    The research only represents a country’s cybersecurity policy to a limited extent and is not an in-depth or complete analysis or assessment of current policy. In order to adapt the exercises to specific countries, it is important to understand the broader strokes of cybersecurity policies of other countries. Our team, therefore, researches publicly available information on cybersecurity policies of countries to adapt the exercises to country-specific needs. The research is shared with participants as background material in preparation for the exercise.

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    Women and Men in Armenia
    décembre, 2019

    Gender statistics play a key role in mainstreaming gender into policies of the state and serves as a tool to adequately assess and reflect the situation of women and men in economic, social and political spheres of the society. Gender statistics allows increasing public awareness about the status of women in relation to that of men and conducting systematic study of gender issues.

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    Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2017

    After the fall of the Soviet Union and regaining its independence, Armenia has begun a process of systemic transformation. The level and pace of socio-economic development has been influenced by internal situation as well as by country’s geopolitical position and its relations with foreign partners. The purpose of this article is to present general characteristics of foreign direct investment that has been present in Armenia since the 1990s. The author describes several key factors shaping the volume, geographical, proprietary and sectoral structure of the FDI inflows.

  5. Library Resource
    Rurality Crisis in Armenia
    Rapports et recherches
    mars, 2022

    Armenia is a country that is very much characterized by agriculture – but Armenian rural life is marked by a deep crisis, as this current study shows.

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    Establishment of Land Management Instruments and Institutional Framework to Address Land Abandonment
    Rapports et recherches
    février, 2022

    The agricultural sector in Armenia contributes around 20 percent to gross domestic product and provides employment to around 40 percent of the country’s labour force. The backbone of agriculture in the country is represented by smallholders and family farms. According to 2014 census data, 317 346 family farms contribute over 97 percent of the total agricultural output and comprise 99 86 percent of all active agricultural holdings.

  7. Library Resource
    Gender, agriculture and rural development in Armenia
    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2017

    Gender equality is key to eliminating poverty and hunger, and this has been demonstrated by FAO throughout its research across the world. FAO is committed to interventions that seek to reduce gender inequalities and this report has been produced as part of its eff orts to generate evidence and knowledge in compliance with FAO’s Policy on Gender Equality (FAO, 2013a). It is only through closing the gender gap that strategies on sustainable agriculture and rural development can reach their full potential.

  8. Library Resource
    BTI 2022 Country Report Armenia
    Rapports et recherches
    mai, 2022

    The crucial event in the reporting period was undoubtedly Armenia’s war with Azerbaijan. On September 27, 2020 Azerbaijan started its war on Nagorno-Karabakh, a long-disputed region called Artsakh in Armenia, which lasted for 44 days. It ended on November 10, 2020, when Russia facilitated a cease-fire, apparently just after the Azerbaijani forces had captured most of the territories occupied by Armenia in the previous war in the early 1990s, plus a major chunk of Nagorno-Karabakh proper.

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    La mine artisanale semi-mécanisée au Cameroun

    Rapports et recherches
    novembre, 2022

    Le Cameroun est favorable à l’exploitation minière, pour promouvoir le développement national. Cette option a entraîné la création de nouvelles catégories de permis, intermédiaires entre la mine industrielle et l’artisanat minier : la petite mine, et la mine artisanale semi-mécanisée. Situation qui a conduit à la présence, dans diverses Régions du Cameroun, d’un nombre important d’exploitants, et à une confusion dans l’esprit des communautés sur le statut et la nature des opérations minières se déroulant dans leur terroir.

  10. Library Resource

    Rapport d’une étude pour le compte du ProPFR/BF

    Rapports et recherches
    juillet, 2022
    Burkina Faso


    Le présent rapport met en exergue la situation analytique des femmes dans le Sud-Ouest et les Hauts-Bassins du Burkina : de la gestion du foncier, en passant par l’accès des femmes, la gestion de leurs revenus sans oublier les défis majeurs rencontrés et les pistes de solutions envisagées. Il offre aussi un aperçu de la situation des jeunes et des migrants. L’écrit contient également une base de recommandations visant à booster l’accès sécurisé des femmes dans les deux (02) régions identifiées.

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