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    janvier, 1996

    The objective of this technical paper is to shed insights on ways of reversing the spiraling decline of the land and the economy in rural Rwanda, with focus on the forces behind productivity decline in the Rwandan agricultural sector. The results are based on collaborative research between the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Michigan State University.Among the key findings are that Rwandan farmers need to sustain and intensify their farming by pro-tecting the soil against erosion.

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    janvier, 2008

    This policy brief explores the importance of land issues in forced displacement in Kenya, drawing out their implications for current humanitarian and early recovery interventions in the wake of the violence and displacement that followed the 2007 elections. Key messages nclude: current post-election displacement in Kenya is not a new phenomenon but a recurring trend linked to unresolved land grievances, in a context of poor governance and socio-economic insecurity.

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    Ratings for the Land Administration Project for West Bank and Gaza are as follows: outcomes of the project were satisfactory, risk to development outcome was moderate, bank performance was moderately satisfactory, and borrower performance was moderately satisfactory. Some lessons learned included: given the importance of land in West Bank and Gaza (WBG), there must be sustained support for the land sector at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority (PA).

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    Indonésie, Sri Lanka

    Land and property are usually the most important physical assets for poor households. In low-income countries served by the World Bank's International Development Association (IDA), land reform is an important part of IDA's overall effort to address poverty and growth constraints, foster better environmental management, and promote gender equality. It also helps societies rebuild after conflicts and natural disasters, such as in Sri Lanka and Aceh, Indonesia.

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    Recent debate about how timber prices affect deforestation has focused mainly on how log export bans (imposed in many developing countries to protect domestic timber processing) affect deforestation. One side argues that the lower domestic timber prices that result from banning log exports increase deforestation by making forestry less profitable than competing land uses, such as agriculture. The other argues that lower timber prices reduce profits from logging, so they slow down deforestation caused by logging.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2016

    Important hydrological changes, or generally water resources changes, are being observed in Serbia, as well as in many other parts of the world. Many national and international projects and studies address climate change and its impact on water resources. Some focus solely on the impact of climate change, while others also assess the impact of land use changes and/or changes in human use of water.

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    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2003
    Afrique du Sud

    This document reports on a workshop held in South Africa in June 2003 to address continuing insecurity of women's land rights. It brought together a broad group of participants covering NGO, grassroots, government, UN agency staff, researchers, activists, lawyers, and women living with HIV/AIDS.

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2002
    Kenya, Malawi, Lesotho, Afrique du Sud

    Series of country papers on HIV/AIDS and land in Lesotho, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, with concluding paper on methodological and conceptual issues. The key questions addressed include: The impact on and changes in land tenure systems (including patterns of ownership, access, and rights) as a consequence of HIV/AIDS with a focus on vulnerable groups. The ways that HIV/AIDS affected households are coping in terms of land use, management and access, e.g. abandoning land due to fear of losing land, renting out due to inability to utilise land, distress sale of land, etc.

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2002

    This paper addresses the amelioration of the impact of AIDS on land tenure and livelihoods. The author argues that, in Lesotho, land policy development should be informed by the status of community support and welfare for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. He offers three main policy recommendations as follows: Land administrators should be fully informed about the epidemic and various legislations that govern the rights of the affected households. This will help to ensure uniform implementation of measures to support affected households.

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