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    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    juin, 2015

    This article starts from the study of the historic port cities, that today are facing the challenge of the urban waterfront requalification, through the preservation of the cultural and landscape heritage.

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    15 Country Infographics cover image
    octobre, 2018
    Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambie, Cameroun, Namibie, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Libéria, Sénégal, Costa Rica, Honduras, Équateur, Pérou, Thaïlande

    Wave 1 country infographics in one document. Countries include: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cote D'Ivoire, Ecuador, Honduras, Liberia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Peru, Rwanda, Senegal, Thailand, Zambia.

  3. Library Resource
    mars, 2019
    Maroc, Tunisie, Kenya, Malawi, République-Unie de Tanzanie, Ouganda, Bénin, Ghana, Niger, Nigéria, Mexique, Bolivie, Colombie, Cambodge, Indonésie, Viet Nam, Jordanie, Royaume-Uni

    Wave 2 country infographics in one document. Countries include: Benin, Bolivia, Cambodia, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, United Kingdom and Vietnam

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    Rapports et recherches
    février, 2017

    The Portfolio Overview provides a global overview of DFID's programmes working on land issues and highlights lessons and trends emerging from major land programmes over recent years.

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    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2012
    Iran, Asie méridionale

    This study on gender and livelihood aims to find new ways of improving the incomes of rural households, based on the role of women in agricultural production and the division of labor in socioeconomic activities between men and women. It targets eight villages in two regions: Merek (Kermanshah Province) and Honam (Lorestan Province), and was carried out through conducting a social survey (quantitative research) and a participatory rural appraisal - PRA- (qualitative research). The results from qualitative and quantitative research were integrated.

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    Rapports et recherches
    mars, 2015
    Asie occidentale, Iraq

    This final report synthesizes the results of the Iraq Salinity Project, a research partnership between five Iraqi ministries and national agencies and an international team of researchers, led by ICARDA, specializing in land and water management, crop improvement and plant breeding, geoinformatics, and socioeconomics.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    mars, 2013
    Tunisie, Afrique septentrionale

    This summary describes the work of the LADA (Land Degradation and Assessment in Dry Areas) project that identifies and describes geographical areas suffering from land degradation in the governorates of Tunisia. Through a comparative study of these areas, it identifies the failures and successes in national efforts to combat land degradation and, therefore, build local community capacity to resist climate change. It is intended for policymakers, donors and other partners and supporters.

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