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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    janvier, 2004
    Afrique sub-saharienne

    After four decades of agricultural-led development strategies in the postindependent Malawi, economic growth has been erratic and a large proportion of the population live below the poverty line and studies suggests that the poverty situation has worsened. Agricultural policies favoured large-scale (estate) production at the expense of smallholder farmers who account for more than 80 percent of households.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    janvier, 2004
    Afrique sub-saharienne

    In this note of food security and land tenure security in Lesotho, the authors present arguments in favour of the enactment and implementation of a legislation in Lesotho that will enhance land tenure security in the country.

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    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2003
    Afrique sub-saharienne

    This report is a follow up of a study that was carried out in the year 2001/2 commissioned by the FAO and SARPN. The main objective of the initial study was an assessment of the negative impacts of HIV/AIDS on livelihoods of the affected and infected communities through lowering their agricultural productivity.

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2002
    Afrique sub-saharienne, Lesotho

    This paper addresses the amelioration of the impact of AIDS on land tenure and livelihoods. The author argues that, in Lesotho, land policy development should be informed by the status of community support and welfare for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. He offers three main policy recommendations as follows: Land administrators should be fully informed about the epidemic and various legislations that govern the rights of the affected households. This will help to ensure uniform implementation of measures to support affected households.

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2002
    Afrique sub-saharienne, Mozambique

    Brief overview of the policy background to the land reform process in Mozambique, and a very generalised assessment of the extent to which this reform is improving the livelihoods of Mozambican rural people.The paper focuses on the experiences of the land component of Zambézia Agricultural Development Project (ZADP) . It looks at the extent to which the objective of the new land tenure policy in alleviating poverty has been realised and have concentrated on the contextual, practical and conceptual challenges that have faced a provincial programme of land tenure reform.

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    janvier, 2013
    Burkina Faso, Mauritanie, Gambie, Mali, Soudan du Sud, Sénégal, Niger, Érythrée, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale

    This report presents a comprehensive regional assessment of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Sahel in terms of climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, conflict/cooperation and human security at various scales and in a variety of contexts. The Climate Change, Hydro Conflicts and Human Security (CLICO) project builds on interdisciplinary and cross-comparative research covering a variety of geographical scales and historical contexts to unravel social, political, environmental/ ecological and economic conditions in relation to the environment.

  7. Library Resource
    janvier, 2012
    Chine, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Background Pastoralists have long inhabited vast areas of western China, including the Tibetan Plateau region. Their traditional land use practices and cultural conservation ethic have helped to protect the natural resource base upon which they depend and the wildlife that co-exist with them in the grassland landscapes.

  8. Library Resource
    janvier, 2002
    Inde, Turquie, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale, Asie méridionale

    How can links between disaster mitigation and urban planning be strengthened? Can urban livelihood strategies reduce poor city dwellers’ vulnerability to disaster? Scant attention is currently paid by relief organisations to urban planning and disaster mitigation, according to a recent Care International report.

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2014
    Asie orientale, Océanie

    This document addresses the need for explicit inclusion of livelihoods within the environment nexus (water-energy-food security). The authors present a conceptualisation of ‘environmental livelihood security’, which combines the nexus perspective with sustainable livelihoods. The geographical focus of this paper is Southeast Asia and Oceania, which the authors highlight is a region currently wrought by the impacts of a changing climate.

  10. Library Resource

    This paper presents possible elements of a long-term international vision for land sector reporting and accounting. The vision is of a multi-dimensional land sector reporting and accounting framework that is applicable to all countries and increases in comprehensiveness over time. The overarching objective of the framework is to build trust between Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by tracking progress in implementation of mitigation contributions in the land sector.

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