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Scoping study Land-Water Nexus Vietnam


07/18 - 08/19


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There are huge areas in Vietnam where agriculture is not in line with the prevailing water conditions or is adversely affecting water conditions of other water users. This is compounded by climate change and land subsidence (due to groundwater extraction).Solutions from five categories are crucial: • reduction of groundwater extraction; • embracing salinity; • embracing controlled flooding/ water retention;• improving water use efficiency and the value of water; and• improving water cycle and clean process water.There are inspiring cases of how the Dutch expertise in water management and agriculture has been applied in the agricultural sector worldwide to help promote sustainability. Examples range from techniques to improve freshwater storage, use of satellite imaging and real-time information to stimulate efficient irrigation and crop management, development of water stress tolerant varieties, to approaches at a broader scale such as land use planning and management. This expertise is mobilized to address the challenges in water management and agricultural restructuring that Vietnam is facing. The aim of the study is to understand what business opportunities exist and identify leads to provide services, knowledge, to export technology and materials and to invest in the Vietnamese agro/water sector, as well as to examine the interest of the Netherlands sector (both agro and water) to develop a sustainable agricultural sector in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam. Insight in developments, business leads and funding opportunities facilitate increased business activities between Dutch and Vietnamese companies) that emerge out of water interventions as outlined in the Mekong Delta Plan and Resolution 120. The study should result in specific business opportunities that result from the recent developments/transformations in Vietnam.