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17 Maio 2023 to 31 Maio 2023
Estados Unidos

NASA’s Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET) has opened a new open, online webinar series: Application of NASA SPoRT-Land Information System (SPoRT-LIS) Soil Moisture Data for Drought. This 3-part webinar series is focused on the introduction of the NASA Land Information System (LIS) output of soil moisture at various depths for drought analysis and monitoring. Examples from operational applications as well as practice exercises (for using LIS data for drought monitoring) will be included in this course. Access to the SPoRT-LIS products via online viewer, in GIS formats, and GIS-based display tools, will also be included. Moreover, self-paced microlessons will be available to help users confirm their understanding and improve their skill via homework lessons between live sessions.

7 Agosto 2020 to 9 Agosto 2020


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Maryland, 1296
20742 College Park , Maryland
Estados Unidos
Maryland US
América do Norte
Estados Unidos
A 5ª Conferência Internacional de Inovação em Agricultura (IAIC 2020) será realizada na Universidade de Maryland, College Park, EUA, de 7 a 9 de agosto de 2020. Este ano, a conferência se concentrará em questões de Sustentabilidade Agrícola e Economia Circular.

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