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Novembro 2019

The Panguna mine on the Pacific island of Bougainville is one of the largest copper and gold deposits in the world. 

The mine was also at the center of a decade-long civil war fought between the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and the Papua New Guinea Defense Force in the 1990s. The conflict cost as many as 15,000 lives and displaced 40,000 of the island’s 200,000 inhabitants.

Novembro 2019

A new wave of agricultural commercialisation is being promoted across Africa’s eastern seaboard;by a broad range of influential actors – from international corporations to domestic political and business elites.

Loi N°017/2014 du 30 janvier 2015 portant réglementation du secteur minier
Legislações e Políticas
Setembro 2019

La présente loi s'applique à l'ensemble des activités ou opérations minières, notamment à la prospection, à la recherche, à l'évaluation, au développement, à la construction des infrastructures minières, à l'exploitation, à l'extraction, au traitement, à la production, à la transformation, au stockage, à l'exportation, à l'importation, au transport, à la commercialisation des substances minéral

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Setembro 2019

Artisanal and small-scale mining affects the quality and components of the environment in the Batouri area in different ways. Activities interfere with air, soil, water, fauna and forest resources. This study seeks to assess the impacts of mining on the environment using a combination of spatial analysis, questionnaires administration and Leopold’s grid of impact assessment.

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Agosto 2019

Savannas are extremely important socio-economic landscapes, with pastoralist societies relying on these ecosystems to sustain their livelihoods and economy. Globally, there is an increase of woody vegetation in these ecosystems, degrading the potential of these multi-functional landscapes to sustain societies and wildlife.

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Agosto 2019

A predominantly rural territory with few urban centers historically, the Gambia holds little in the way of well-known luxury resources commonly discussed in studies of western Africa. People of the region, in particular women, have exploited both riverine and oceanic food and material resources.

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Junho 2019

The proper delineation of site-specific management zones is very important in the agricultural land management of potentially degraded areas. There is a necessity for the development of prospective tools in management plans to correctly understand the land degradation processes.

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Maio 2019
América do Sul
Na análise de conflitos socioambientais por mineração, vários trabalhos têm apontado as diversas causas que originam estes cenários de tensão sobretudo em comunidades locais. Contudo, um aspecto pouco abordado é a percepção dos riscos como causa de um conflito socioambiental.
Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Abril 2019
Estados Unidos

Francisco Hidalgo[1]
¿Desde dónde analizar los resultados de las elecciones seccionales del 24 de marzo en el Ecuador?, mirarlos como una serie de acontecimientos con una lógica provincial o, pese a su ámbito seccional, desde una óptica desde las tendencias nacionales. Optamos en este artículo iniciar por lo segundo, y en un siguiente análisis abordaremos lo local.

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