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Oumou Kalsom
Khoulé Seck

I worked in the field of development for twenty (20) years. With a diploma of Engineer of planning, obtained at the School of Applied Economics of Dakar (ex-ENEA) in 1999, I worked at the National office of Land and Spatial Planning, from 2000 to 2007, as an economic and a spatial planner.

I obtained a diploma of Master’s degree in Land planning, decentralization and territorial development in 2004. After that, I held several positions, including Project officer in charge of land Operations within the Millenium Challenge Account Senegal, Project Manager in an urban project financed by Un Habitat and Cities Alliance, Team Leader, Socio-Economist Consultant in Impact Studies, Consultant Planner of Word Food Organization, and so.

Currently, as an Economic and Spatial planner and Head of the Division of National and International Public Policies at the National Agency for Spatial Planning (ANAT) I’m in charge the coordination, monitoring and animation of the project team for developing the National Document of Spatial Planning (PNADT). The document is available and shared with stakeholders from central government, local governments, the private sector and civil society. It is validated by the President of the Republic of Senegal during a national meeting.


Dakar 740 Dakar

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