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17 Setembro 2019
América Latina e Caribe
América do Sul
"Temos que decidir entre o ouro e a água. O que preferimos, companheiros?”, pergunta o líder indígena Yaku Pérez. “Água”, gritam em uníssono uns ativistas que se opõem à mineração em Quimsacoc
ha, nos Andes equatorianos. 
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30 Agosto 2019
América do Sul
Guiana Francesa
Na linha de frente da luta contra o desmatamento na Amazônia, a França tem, na Guiana, sua própria parcela dessa floresta que, mais do que pelo fogo, é ameaçada pelo garimpo ilegal de ouro.
Foto: Victor Moriyama/Greenpeace via AFP
4 Setembro 2019
América Latina e Caribe
América do Sul
Em Rondônia, um dos nove estados da Amazônia Legal, incêndios em unidades de conservação são a última etapa de uma cadeia criminosa que inclui invasão de terras, extração ilegal de madeira e desmatamento.





ICMM is an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair and sustainable mining and metals industry. Bringing together 26 mining and metals companies and 35 regional and commodities associations we strengthen environmental and social performance. We serve as a catalyst for change; enhancing mining’s contribution to society.

IPIECA develops, shares and promotes good practice and knowledge to help the industry and improve its environmental and social performance. We do this with the understanding that the issues that dominate the sustainable development agenda – climate and energy, environmental and social issues – are too big for individual companies to tackle alone. The industry must work together to achieve improvements that have real impact. IPIECA helps to achieve this goal. 

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The House Committee on Natural Resources, chaired by Rob Bishop of Utah, considers legislation about American energy production, mineral lands and mining, fisheries and wildlife, public lands, oceans, Native Americans, irrigation and reclamation. The Committee is comprised of 44 Representatives, 26 Republicans and 18 Democrats. Learn more about Chairman Bishop and meet all of the Committee Members.

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