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Waldomiro Costa Pereira (à esquerda) e Antonio Mig Claudino foram executados no dia 20 de março. Fotos: reprodução
30 Março 2017

Escritório de direitos humanos da ONU na América do Sul e Relatoria sobre os direitos de defensoras e defensores de direitos humanos da Comissão Interamericana de Direitos Humanos (CIDH) receberam com preocupação as notícias dos assassinatos de Waldomiro Costa Pereira, militante do MST, em Parauapebas, Pará, e do cacique Antonio Mig Claudino, da Terra Indígena Serrinha, no norte do Rio





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We are a not-for-profit business which empowers leaders to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity for their communities, businesses, institutions and countries. These leaders could be heads of state or school teachers, global companies or local entrepreneurs, partners or donors.

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The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is a multi-stakeholder platform with a global secretariat led by CIFOR and core funding provided by the Government of Germany. The GLF accelerates action towards the creation of productive, prosperous, equitable and climate-resilient landscapes and the achievement of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030).

LRAN is the Land Research Action Network (LRAN), or Red de Investigación-Acción sobre la Tierra, which brings together activist researchers working on land and resource access issues, to network them with one another and with grassroots movements struggling for land and other productive resources. It’s members are committed, activist researchers, their organizations, and social movements fighting for access to land, for true agrarian reform, and for access to other productive resources.

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In 2011, government leaders and civil society advocates came together to create a unique partnership—one that combines these powerful forces to promote accountable, responsive and inclusive governance.

Seventy-eight countries and a growing number of local governments—representing more than two billion people—along with thousands of civil society organizations are members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).


Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER )

HEKS champions the cause of a more humane and just world and a life in dignity. Internationally, HEKS/EPER focuses on rural community development, humanitarian aid and inter-church cooperation. 

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