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Clinton Omusula is a Land Data and Knowledge Management Consultant at the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) within the Land, Housing and Shelter Section of UN-Habitat.

He principally provides support to the Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII) but also assists with other activities, such as local finance in fragile states. Within the scope of GLII, Mr. Omusula provides information and conducts technical capacity building/ strengthening for national statistical offices, government officers, UN agencies, NGOs and other partners on collecting, analyzing and reporting sex-disaggregated data for monitoring land tenure security in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework among other global and regional development agenda. His work places considerable emphasis on the rights of young people and of women, as major groups facing vulnerability and whose situation is often an indicator for the state of housing, land and property rights more generally. These activities are specifically designed to assist progress in the achievement of goals 1, 5, 11 and 15 of the SDGs, while also influencing other goals. He has contributed to several African countries, placing a greater priority on women’s and young people’s rights and is intended to feed through into policies as the 2030 Agenda deadline approaches. It is also important to note that Mr Omusula’s work within Africa has been increasingly recognized beyond the continent. He has provided training and assistance to regional organizations and national government staff in other regions, particularly the Middle East.

Mr. Omusula has also provided support to UN-Habitat’s work on local government finance in fragile states, particularly Afghanistan and Somalia. This work is intended to strengthen local government institutions and to increase access to basic services such as waste collection, water and sanitation.

Mr. Omusula holds a dual BSc. degree in Economics and Statistics from Egerton University in Kenya and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in economics at the University of Nairobi. Further, he has acquired professional training in statistical data analysis,  monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and the political economy of land governance in Africa.

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