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Community / Land projects / Towards reconciliation and peace in Colombia

Towards reconciliation and peace in Colombia


01/21 - 12/23


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CINEP have a new three-year plan (2021 to 2023), with the two first year embedded in their five-year strategic plan for January 2018 to December 2022. CAFOD is providing institutional support for CINEP to carry out this work - CINEP are a long-term partner that CAFOD have been supporting for many years (this is a new cycle of COL200). CINEP/PPP's vision is "By 2022, we plan to be a Centre guided by the Society of Jesus that will have developed proposals for region and nation building, aimed at promoting and protecting life, human rights, sustainable development and peace." CINEP/PPP works on two areas 1) Conflict, State and Peace (including work on peace education and land management) 2) Social Mobilization, Human Rights and Interculturality (including work on social movements) through research, advocacy and education. In this three year cycle CINEP is seeking to contributes to creating conditions for reducing inequalities, expanding democracy and building citizenships, within the framework of the effective implementation of the peace agreements and processes. CINEP is also seeking to contribute to reconciliation and the enforceability of rights with a diversity and gender-based approach.