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With limited land, access to it has been a prevailing issue which leads to human rights violations to farmers, and to the disadvantaged women and indigenous peoples.

The chief of Benggeris village in West Kutai says a coal mining company and an oil palm firm have violated his village’s northern and southern boundaries. Such stories abound in West Kutai regency. Photo by Philip Jacobson

Masrani stood at the confluence of two rivers in Indonesian Borneo as his father recited the most dreadful oath. The extreme form of sumpah adat, a ritualistic nuclear option for Indonesia’s Dayak indigenous peoples, was reserved for dealing with crises nothing else could solve.


les décideurs politiques ne parviennent pas à évaluer soigneusement la façon dont ils définissent les forêts, ils risquent de compromettre le succès potentiel du programme REDD+, soutenu par l’ONU et visant à réduire les émissions issues de la déforestation et de la dégradation des forêts, selon des scientifiques.<

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