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22 juillet 2022
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Erosion and tidal surges are threatening fishing communities in West Africa. As a result, many people are fleeing inland — losing their livelihoods. The sea has already encroached two meters into the country's interior.


2 juillet 2022

Reliance on imports from as far away as Tanzania, Uganda and even China, leaves Kisumu County’s accessibility to food on a fragile footing.


17 juin 2022

Sub-division of ancestral land has all but wiped out farming in Kisii, driving poverty and malnutrition and pushing the population into migration in search of greener pastures.

18 mars 2022

Drought is a global problem that affects an estimated 1.5 billion people, particularly those in the Southern Hemisphere. Between the 1970s and the early 2000s the percentage of the earth’s landmass affected by severe drought has more than doubled.

12 mars 2022

Urban displacements greatly diminish the living conditions of already desperate populations living on the brink of poverty.

On 15 November, Minoo Kyaa, a community activist from Mukuru kwa Njenga, South Nairobi, tweeted,

Promesas cumplidas: El seguro de cosechas marca la diferencia para los pequeños agricultores de Kenya
10 mars 2022

La póliza se ha diseñado específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de los pequeños agricultores de las zonas del programa KCEP-CRAL, las tierras áridas y semiáridas de Kenya, y proteger los cultivos de secano de sequías, inundaciones, plagas y enfermedades.

Stand for Her Land (SFHL) Campaign
8 mars 2022

Join leaders and women’s land rights actors from across Africa and the world to celebrate International Women’s Day and our shared vision for accelerating secure women’s land rights as a foundation for achieving gender equality, women’s empowerment, and sustainable development.

Land Portal and ILC Rangelands Initiative launch thematic portfolio on Rangelands, Drylands and Pastoralism
1 mars 2022

Rangelands cover 54 per cent of the earth’s terrestrial surface and provide valuable ecosystem services such as water retention and carbon sequestration. They also support the livelihoods of millions of pastoralists who turn rangeland resources into food and livestock products.

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