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fonds d' investissement

Engagement de capitaux dans le processus de financement ou de production.

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mars 2013

This report sets out various options for
regulatory reform of the Indian port sector. The terms of
reference from The World Bank require the Author making
recommendations to the Ministry of Finance (Department of
Economic Affairs) with respect to alternative institutional

mars 2013

The objective of this report is to
respond to the request of the Ministry of Housing and
Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), to assess the Housing
Provident Fund (HPF) system, and provide recommendations on
its positioning, strategy and future role in the overall

février 2013

This report describes the results of a
ROSC assessment of the accounting, financial reporting and
auditing requirements and practices of the Republic of
Tajikistan's enterprise and financial sectors. The
report assesses the quality of the Tajik financial reporting

février 2013

The Country Environmental Analysis,
presents a review of environmental priorities, public
environmental expenditures and the supporting institutional
framework and makes recommendations to improve the
efficiency and effectiveness of public environmental

août 2012

Resolving systemic banking and corporate
distress is not easy. The large scale of the East Asian
financial crisis has made the task even more daunting in
Indonesia, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Two years into the process, bank and corporate restructuring

Rapports et recherches
août 2012

Raising capital to finance urban
infrastructure is a challenge. One solution is to
'unlock' urban land values - such as by selling
public lands to capture the gains in value created by
investment in infrastructure projects. Land-based financing

juin 2012

The private enterprise sector in Bosnia
and Herzegovina (BiH) has been expanding steadily, and
estimates are that it presently contributes close to 50
percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The BiH private
enterprise sector initially developed following the

Rapports et recherches
juin 2012

The aim of this report is to identify a set of concrete steps that the government of Mongolia might take to promote private-sector activity and greater integration with the global economy in a way that leads to job creation, broad-based growth and most importantly, poverty reduction.

mai 2012

The study on the sources of rural growth
in Burundi results from a meticulous work carried out by
eminent experts of the World Bank in response to a request
of the Government of Burundi. It describes the global
environment, which explains poverty aggravation and builds

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