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avril 2016
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Natural resources have increasingly become very important geopolitical stakes of importance. Land, forests water and, in general, the biological diversity of given territories are trapped in contradictory management dynamics. While their role in providing essential support to the planet’s life and to the human communities is very clear from a scientific point of view, their ownership and management are subjected to different logics and mechanisms are resulting into a growing number of small and large-scale conflicts. This document introduces an innovative approach, that represents the most advanced and comprehensive one, based on many years of experiences and projects carried out all around the world. The GreeNTD is a people centered, process-oriented socioecological approach to territorial development. It is based on a multi-stakeholders engagement to foster a progressive consensus (Socio-Ecological Territorial Agreement - SETA) leading towards a holistic, multiscale and negotiated vision.

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David Tarrasón, Giorgio Andrian, Paolo Groppo


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