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février 1998
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Rwanda LAND (Research) - 94
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UN High Commission for Refugees

Looks at property rights and returnees, the situation of women in relation to property rights, consequences of women’s lack of access to land, initiatives taken by national authorities to improve women’s property rights, and initiatives taken by UNHCR.

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Rose, Laurel L.


Since the release of Volume 1 in 1990, the Journal has secured its place at the forefront of contemporary legal issues through the publication of articles, essays, notes, and reviews that enhance and maintain discourse on gender concerns. To this end, the Journal aims to expand feminist legal thought and inspire dialogue about legal, social, and political issues affecting women, ultimately enhancing the relationship between theoretical and practical perspectives of gender and law.

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The LAND Project is a five year program supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Its primary goal is strengthening the resilience of Rwandan citizens, communities and institutions and their ability to adapt to land-related economic, environmental and social changes.

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