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mars 2017
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The present publication provides national statistical agencies and policy makers with guidance on collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating individual-level data on asset ownership and control for the production of gender statistics. Although agricultural surveys and administrative data sources are briefly addressed, the focus of the guidelines is on household surveys for two key reasons. First, household surveys are the most flexible instrument for data collection.1 They can accommodate almost any population-based social or economic subject in great detail and provide statistics that serve the needs of a wide range of users. Second, within existing national programmes of data collection, household surveys are the most developed and frequent source of data. Thus, collecting individual-level data on asset ownership and control through household surveys may be a more immediate and less resource-intensive prospect than through other sources. As such, the methodology presented in these guidelines for measuring asset ownership and control from a gender perspective has been tested in the context of household surveys in select pilot countries.

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