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    Vol 3, No 1: January 2020, Special Issue 1 on Land Policy in Africa

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    Effective reform pathways for addressing women’s access to land and tenure security in Africa are yet to be found despite their role in feeding the population. With the adoption of the AU Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa (2009) and the launch of the African Land Policy Centre (2017), hopes were high that existing precarious women’s access to land, tenure and food security might be transformed to opportunities. Prevailing discourses, however, still advocate for land reforms attuned to gender equality with a neo-classical chord.

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    Vol 2, No 3: September 2019

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    The purpose of this paper is to examine the existing real property valuation practice in case of expropriation in Ethiopia and to propose potential bases and approaches compatible to the Ethiopian real property system based on desk review research in which existing literature are the main source. The paper found that, there is no standard and responsible institution for property valuation. As a result, valuation variation and valuation inaccuracies are common.

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    Vol 1, No 3: December 2018

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    République centrafricaine

    Dans le massif  forestier du Sud-ouest de la République Centrafricaine, la terre  représente,  une  richesse inaliénable pour les peuples autochtones Aka. C’est de la terre,  que les Aka communément appelés pygmées,  tirent l’essentiel  de leurs  subsistances. Raison pour laquelle, les ressources foncières  ont fait l’objet d’attention particulière de ces  premiers occupants   du terroir, qui les ont régies par des normes juridico traditionnelles. Ces règles, quoique  fondées sur l’oralité, requiert  une valeur juridique, dont l’observance s’impose à toute la communauté.

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    Vol 3: Special Issue 3, 2020

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    Lakes are integrator of environmental changes occurring at a regional to global scale and present a high variety of behaviors on a variety of time scale. Their crucial importance as water stocks and retaining given the significant environmental changes occurring worldwide at many anthropocentric levels has increased the necessity of monitoring all its morphodynamic characteristics i.e. water level, surface area and volume.

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    Vol 3, No 1: January 2020, Special Issue 1 on Land Policy in Africa

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    Éthiopie, Rwanda

    Spatial data are a basis in development of multipurpose cadastre. This paper aims to evaluate spatial data acquisition and management techniques for multipurpose cadastre in Ethiopia and Rwanda. The research was conducted using a qualitative research method, a review of existing literature on spatial data acquisition and management techniques for cadastral purposes. The empirical data have also been collected.

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    Vol 3, No 1: March 2020, Special Issue 2 on Land Policy in Africa

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    In Zambia, security of tenure for communities residing under customary land tenure settings has in recent years increasingly come under threat owing to the pressures of high rate of urbanization, speculation, subdivision and conversion to state land, which effectively excludes marginal populations from accessing resources for their land. While customary land is a major resource for most Zambians, the inadequacy or total lack of documentation leads to tenure insecurity, making people susceptible to forced displacements, and frequent land disputes.

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    Vol 1, No 2: September 2018, Special Issue on Youth and Land Governance

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    République-Unie de Tanzanie

     Most of the cities and urban centres of developing nations, Tanzania inclusive are faced with increased urbanization coupled with informal land development in non-designated areas including marginal and hazardous lands. This paper reports the findings of a study undertaken to assess the processes of land development and the associated impacts in Msasani Bonde la Mpunga, a, flood prone area in the City of Dar es Salaam.

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    Vol 3, No 2: May 2020

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    Côte d'Ivoire

    This article aims to help the governance of peri-urban land conflicts from an approach focused on the control of urban sprawl, which is the paramount characteristic of Yamoussoukro, the political Capital City of Côte d'Ivoire. The study starts with a prospective approach to this phenomenon to identify prospects for a sustainable conflict resolution. It therefore comes within the framework of the quest for a spatial cohesion to lead to social cohesion that is today undermined by a rampant urbanization.

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    Vol 3, No 3: September 2020

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    Understanding the land market is crucial when analyzing the spatial dynamics of cities. Spatial models, which are widely used to describe the growth of cities, are underdeveloped in Africa, due in part to the lack of urban data and/or the difficulty of collecting it. This paper presents a methodology for collecting analyzing land values in major sub-Saharan African cities. Through two case studies in the cities of Lomé and Yaoundé, it describes the implementation of such a methodology for collecting data on land prices and analyzing variations on an urban scale.

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