Evaluating Spatial Data Acquisition and Management Techniques for Multipurpose Cadastre in Ethiopia and Rwanda (Preliminary Results) | Land Portal

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Spatial data are a basis in development of multipurpose cadastre. This paper aims to evaluate spatial data acquisition and management techniques for multipurpose cadastre in Ethiopia and Rwanda. The research was conducted using a qualitative research method, a review of existing literature on spatial data acquisition and management techniques for cadastral purposes. The empirical data have also been collected. The results reveal that using techniques that are not standard based, Ethiopia and Rwanda have carried out large-scale mapping under participatory approach for re-engineering their cadastral systems in short time. However, given the manner by which the processes have been undertaken, the question comes on quality of land measurements and the resulting cadastral geodatabases in both countries, implying reliability of land information. The question also comes on maintenance of the established infrastructure within available resources in case of Rwanda, and lack of covering all land types in case of Ethiopia.

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Milindi Rugema, Didier

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