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janvier 2005
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Situation and structure of land relations is in each state result of long-term development of society. Structure of agricultural land ownership in Slovakia is likewise as also in other EU states different from structure of agricultural land use. In administration of the Slovak Land Fund it is still at present (2005) app. 25% of agricultural land. The agricultural land market is marked with previous period and it is up to now poor developed. The reasons are economic as well as legal one. The general situation on agricultural land market may be briefly characterized especially with that that there is not completed the restitution process, it lasts fragmentation of land ownership (1 parcel of land x owners), the offer for the time being exceeds the demand, there are sold above all the building sites and pieces of land of smaller acreage , there are not established real market prices, there are missing long-term credits at acceptable interest rate. Above all the economic effectiveness of land farming, completion of restitution process, elimination of fragmentation of ownership relations ,support and creation the financial stimulation for support of land market ( advantageous credits with lower interest rate), support and creation of tax stimulation for agricultural land market , but also ending of negotiated seven-year moratorium on sale of agricultural land to the foreignerss will play the decisive task in further market development. With respect to situation in the area of agricultural land market there will be suitable to look for inspiration for legislative in legal regulations of other states where the agricultural land market operates and where developed regulating systems are aimed at ensuring the continuity of land using. Here the legislative instruments play and also in the future will play one of the most important tasks in intervention in this process

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