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Prasert Trakansuphakon
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(+66) 81 993 4641


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Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Foundation also known as Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples Network - Mainland Montane South East Asia (IKAP-MMSEA). 


Build the capacity of ethnic minorities and networks in Mainland Montane South East Asia to incorporate their indigenous knowledge and culture in local development work, to encourage respect for and understanding of indigenous knowledge and to promote endogenous development.


The Indigenous Knowledge and Peoples network (IKAP), a regional network of indigenous communities throughout mainland montane Southeast Asia, and the Inter Mountain Peoples’ Education and Culture in Thailand Association (IMPECT), a network of indigenous peoples in northern Thailand, have carried out detailed research during the past two decades in three areas in Chiang Mai province where rotational farming is practised.

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juin, 2014

In Southeast Asia, shifting cultivation is still predominantly practiced by the poorest segment of the population. Around 40 million people living in forest-agricultural lands from the ASEAN countries still depend considerably on shifting cultivation, also referred to as swidden farming and rotational farming, for income and livelihoods. Traditionally considered as a sustainable practice, it is now fast becoming one of the causes of forest degradation.

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