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Map of Malaysia


Malaysia comprises two main land masses. Peninsular (or West) Malaysia borders Singapore (via land bridges) and Thailand, while East Malaysia on the northern part of Borneo island borders Brunei and Indonesia. The Federation of Malaya was formed in 1948 and gained independence from British sovereignty in 1957. Malaysia was formed as a new Federation in 1963, bringing in the states of Singapore (temporarily until 1965), Sarawak and Sabah.

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6 idées prometteuses retenues lors du second round du programme LAND-at-scale 

4 Août 2020

    La seconde étape du projet LAND-at-scale a vu 19 embrassades néerlandaises recevoir 24 idées. Le comité en charge du projet a sélectionné les 6 idées les plus prometteuses en vue d’un développement futur    LAND-at-scale, est un programme du gouvernement néerlandais qui contribue à améliorer la…

6 promising project ideas selected in second round LAND-at-scale

28 Juillet 2020

The second round of LAND-at-scale resulted in 24 ideas submitted by 19 Dutch embassies. The LAND-at-scale Committee selected 6 most promising ideas to develop further.  LAND-at-scale is a government programme that contributes to improving land governance. The programme supports economic development…

EMPLOYMENT: WorldFish Center Senior Gender Specialist

The WorldFish Center, headquartered on the island of Penang, Malaysia, is a world-class scientific research organization whose mission is to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aqu