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Map of Uganda


Uganda is landlocked country located in East Africa with an area of 236,040 square kilometers (146,675 square miles) and a total land boundary of 2,698 kilometers (1,676 miles). It is a natural resource dependent country, and agriculture is dominated by small-holder farmers. Therefore, land is an essential asset for the population and national development. Consequently, government has turned its attention to law and policy reforms that address land-governance challenges, some of which emerge from historical injustices and the colonial legacy.

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L’Ouganda veut faciliter l’expropriation foncière au nom du développement

29 Août 2017

Date : 24 août 2017 Source : RFI En Ouganda, un changement constitutionnel sur le droit des terres fait polémique. L’État souhaite en effet acheter des terres à des fins publiques pour accélérer certains grands travaux. Objectif : franchir un cap économique pour le pays. Mais face à des…


Ouganda: un projet de changement constitutionnel du droit des terres inquiète

24 Juillet 2017

Date: 20 juillet 2017 Source: Farmlandgrab La semaine dernière, le gouvernement a proposé au Parlement un texte pour modifier la Constitution. Domaine concerné: le droit des terres. Le président Museveni souhaite faire entrer l'Ouganda dans la liste des pays à revenus moyens grâce à la production…

EMPLOYMENT: Consultancy to Study the poor adoption of proven agricultural technologies and innovations in Eastern and Central Africa (ECA)

The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa (ASARECA) is a non-political organization of the National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) of ten countries



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Beyond Ownership: Measuring Land Rights

3 Mai 2021

Advancing women’s land rights is a priority for the international development agenda. Yet, there is no consensus on which rights should be monitored and reported. Three indicators of women’s property rights are widely used in the literature. Each captures a different aspect of women’s land rights,…

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women's land rights SDGs

Strengthening Women's Land Rights: Crucial for the SDGs

Kick-off event: meet female land rights champions, make your work more effective and join the festive launch of a photo exhibition You are kindly invited to participate in an inspiring and informative event to discuss lessons learned from successful grassroots initiatives to improve land rights for…