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kampala parliament building
2 Agosto 2017

The proposed amendment of article 26 of the Constitution to allow government take possession of private land without prior compensation continues to fiercely divide opinion in parliament.

Government Seeks to Run Roughshod over Ugandans’ Land Rights image
24 Julho 2017

Since Uganda’s February 2016 elections, there has been widespread speculation that the government would try to change the constitution to entrench the power of ruling elites.

16 Julho 2017

Transparency International recently teamed up with a graduate consulting group from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs to analyse the intersectionality of land, corruption, and gender in Uganda, and the potential for tech to empower women in the country. Here's what the team discovered:

26 Junho 2017

In April, three bus loads of men carrying sticks and machetes arrived in the village with the bulldozer - angry residents fought back

BUGABO, Uganda June 26 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - "This land is peaceful," said Abdul Seryazi, standing in his family fields in Bugabo, a village in central Uganda.

29 Maio 2017

With detailed field studies from Kenya, Cameroon, Uganda and Namibia, a new report sheds light on the consequences of extractive industries on land rights and indigenous peoples in Africa. “Worrying that so little is done to protect the environment and the indigenous peoples,” says the report.


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