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Março 2021

This independent evaluation by Emerald Network focuses on land rights, access and sustainable use, through an assessment of five companies: the Coca-Cola Company (TCCC), PepsiCo, Nestlé, Unilever and Associated British Foods’ (ABF) subsidiary Illovo Sugar Africa.

Land Use Policy
Publicação revisada por pares
Fevereiro 2021
África austral
África do Sul

Contemporary discourses on customary land tenure in Africa, and South Africa in particular, have emphasized the socially embedded and flexible nature of customary land rights, recognising these as inherently more ‘pro-poor’ than individual titling.

Janeiro 2021

Cocoa and oil palm are the major commodity crops produced in Ghana and livelihood options for hundreds of thousands of rural households. However, their production has negative environmental and socioeconomic impacts. Certification standards have been promoted as a market-led mechanism to ensure their sustainable production.

Janeiro 2021

Digital technologies and services are rapidly expanding in virtually every aspect of the global economy and society, and the agriculture sector is no exception.

Janeiro 2021

The G+ Customer Profile is a tool for identifying and describing target customers (users) of a breeding
product, such as crop varieties and breeds of livestock. The use of this tool highlights gender
differences among customers or users to ensure that they are considered when target customer

Janeiro 2021
Países Baixos

This working paper aims to provide recommendations and guidelines for climate services good practice. Building on CCAFS work and the broader academic literature, we distil knowledge and experience from interviews with project leaders and collaborators under Flagship 4, Climate Services and Safety Nets.

Janeiro 2021

In Tanzania, diets are dominated by starchy staple crops such as maize, levels of malnutrition are high and largely attributed to lack of dietary diversity. We employed fuzzy cognitive mapping to understand the current soybean, maize and chicken value chains, to highlight stakeholder relationships and to identify entry points for value chain integration to support nutritious diets in Tanzania.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Dezembro 2020
África Ocidental

As a farmer in northern Kenya, I came to understand the importance of dryland restoration. After moving to Kaijaido country in the south, I started an initiative to restore the land, increase food security and reduce poverty, supported by a grant from the East African Community with various activities supported by FAO and Yale University.

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