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Dezembro 2012

Includes discourse on land tenure reforms and tenure security, conceptual framework, evolution of land tenure reform and agricultural productivity in Mozambique, data and estimation strategy, results, conclusion. Analyzes the determinants of household perceived tenure insecurity and its effect on long-term land-related investment.

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Junho 2012

This paper analyzes the adoption behavior of smallholder farmers using comparable plot-level duration data for Kenya and The Philippines. We find that adoption behavior is strongly linked to the process of land ownership transfer.

Artigos e Livros
Dezembro 2010

În această lucrare se descrie starea actuală a fragmentării funciare al gospodăriilor ţărăneşti din Republica Moldova şi efectele pe care le are aceasta asupra bunăstării familiilor rurale şi a productivităţii exploataţiilor agricole.

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Dezembro 2006

This volume is an analytical summary and a critical synthesis of research at the International Water Management Institute over the past decade under its evolving research paradigm known popularly as 'more crop per drop'.

Junho 2004
Europa Oriental

The present Regional Law determines the utmost (maximum and minimum) limits of the plots of land and the modalities of their delimitation on the regional territory. The Regional Law consists of 14 Articles. Article 1 determines the sphere of application. Article 2 regards legislation on maximum limits of the plots of land.

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Janeiro 2002

This article summarizes the nature of land-related conflicts in the Philippines within the context of the prevailing agrarian situation throughout the country. An analysis of the agrarian institutions and different types of development that have occurred in a number of regions provide a broad representation of the current situation.

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