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Janeiro 2024
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Umoja (noun):/ooh-moh-jah/Umoja, is the Swahili philosophy of unity. Its principles underscore the significance of cooperation and communal solidarity. Umoja has historically been associated with various aspects of African social and political life, accentuating the influence of communal synergy in traditional land tenure systems. The Umoja philosophy encourages individuals to consider collective-wellbeing as being complementary to individual interests, thereby fostering a profound sense of social responsibility in traditional approaches to land holding. In contemporary African society, Umoja continues to wield substantial influence in facilitating social cohesion and the establishment of robust and supportive communities. Notwithstanding, the principles of Umoja remain relatively uncharted in the context of modern approaches to land reform policies. This research paper aims to pioneer this course by examining the methods through which the principle of Umoja can radically transform modern approaches to land reform policies, with the ultimate objective of lifting millions of Africans out of multidimensional poverty.Consequently, the paper posits that conventional land reform strategies, primarily centered on the formalization of individual property rights, give rise to substantial challenges that impede advancements in land reform, agriculture, the proliferation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), and broader economic development. The paper culminates by advocating for the implementation of a novel paradigm, termed the Productivity Based Redistribution-Communal Land Holding (PBR-CLH) System, designed to facilitate the consolidation of communal property rights across the continent, while coexisting with prevailing individual property rights frameworks. The PBR-CLH System encompasses a set of policies encompassing Productivity Based Redistribution of land, coupled with the establishment of Communal Land Holding structures.

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Eniola Rebecca Sonuga

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