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This website offers a platform for exchange on environment, conflict, and cooperation (ECC). It aims to foster sustainable peace and development by gathering and disseminating knowledge. It also seeks to create networks among stakeholders in the global environment, climate, foreign policy and security communities.

Environmental aspects are increasingly recognised as important elements of sustainable peace: The UN and EU have initiated discussions on the potential impacts of climate change on the security and stability of states, and environmental security has become a central issue in foreign and security strategy planning. This is also illustrated by the generous support of the German Federal Foreign Office for this platform.

This website approaches the ECC topics from two main angles:

1) Our focus on Climate Diplomacy explores the foreign policy dimension of climate change and climate policy, including different regional and thematic approaches to it. The website also seeks to provide arguments for enhanced international cooperation and diplomatic engagement for climate in multi- and bilateral fora.

2) Our second core theme revolves around approaches to build resilience to compound climate-fragility risks. This platform section presents core conclusions of the report A New Climate for Peace, commissioned and welcomed by the G7 foreign ministers. The page’s Resilience Compass blog provides a space to share analysis, research and emerging thinking on climate change impacts and climate change responses in fragile states and on the actions necessary to build resilience and stability.

Environment, Conflict and Cooperation Platform Resources

Exibindo 6 - 10 de 26
Library Resource
Agosto, 2018
África subsariana

This year's 2nd edition of the European Security and Defence Union journal is looking into climate change as global security and humanitarian challenge. Janani Vivekananda, Senior Adviser for Climate Change and Peacebuilding at adelphi, has contributed to the journal with a piece on the climate security crisis currently plaguing the Lake Chad basin. Lake Chad is a geophysical and ecological miracle.

Library Resource
Maio, 2018

This new report by the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in collaboration with the Clingendael Institute and other Dutch research institutes points to pressure on security and migration arising from too little, too much or polluted water. Many integrated solutions are possible to divert this trend towards a sustainable and climate-resilient world.

Library Resource
Maio, 2018
África subsariana

This Climate-Fragility profile is envisaged as a first component of a Climate-Fragility Risk Assessment process. It summarizes the key challenges the Lake Chad region is experiencing as a consequence of the interplay between climate change and fragility.

Library Resource
Abril, 2018

The Climate Change and International Security Resource Guide is produced for the Brussels Dialogue on Climate Diplomacy (BDCD) which consists of a series of informal meetings to exchange information and promote cooperation among European institutions and international organisations active in the nexus between climate change and international, national, human and environmental security.

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