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+31 317 480700


Wageningen , Gelderland
Gelderland NL
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P.O. Box 47 6700 AA Wageningen The Netherlands
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Wageningen Environmental Research (also known as Alterra) is the Dutch research institute for our green living environment. We offer a combination of practical and scientific research in a multitude of disciplines related to the green world around us and the sustainable use of our living environment. Our expertise includes knowledge of water, nature, biodiversity, climate, landscape, forest, ecology, environment, soil, landscape and spatial planning, geo-information, remote sensing, flora and fauna, urban green, man and society etc.

Wageningen Environmental Research is part of Wageningen University & Research. In research and education we closely co-operate with the department of Environmental Sciences at Wageningen University & research. The exchange of expertise and capacity and the match between fundamental and practical research in various projects give us a scientific advantage.


Wageningen Environmental Research was established in the year 2000 after a merger of the DLO-Starting Centre and the Institute for Forest and Nature Research (Bos- en Natuuronderzoek (IBN)). The Stichting voor Bodemkartering (STIBOKA), Instituut for Cultuurtechniek en Waterhuishouding (ICW) as well as other research institutes also merged into the Research Institute of Wageningen Environmental Research.

Wageningen Environmental Research Resources

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Overall objective: To improve land governance system in South Sudan in line with the VGGT and the African Framework and Guidelines (AF-G) through building capacity of the MLHPP and of other key land-related ministries stakeholders in South Sudan.Specific objectiveTo improve awareness and understanding of the VGGT among relevant stakeholders in South Sudan.

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