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No.204, Street 1966, Phum Paung Peay, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok

The Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace (CICP) is an independent, neutral, and non-partisan research institute based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. CICP promotes both domestic and regional dialogue between government officials, national and international organizations, scholars, and the private sector on issues of peace, democracy, civil society, security, foreign policy, conflict resolution, economics and national development.

CICP's mission statement can be defined as pursuing goals within five target areas.      


In this regard, the institute endeavors to:

- Enhance the ability of government officials and the public to make informed decisions about public policy;

- Participate in and to promote regional and international cooperation;

- Advocate human rights and advance democracy within civil society in Cambodia;

- Promote peace and cooperation among Cambodians, as well as between Cambodians and others on a regional and international basis;

- Conduct research on development issues that concern Cambodia, as well as disseminate the resulting research findings.