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juin 1997
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...This report, "Migrating With Hope: Burmese Women Working In Thailand and
The Sex Industry" attempts to present and highlight the needs, interests, and
realities of undocumented migrant women from Burma working as sex-workers
in Thailand. We look at the lives of women in Burma, the migration processes,
processes of entry into the sex-industry, and factors which govern women's wellbeing
or suffering during the time of migration in Thailand. The authors hope
that the documentation presented will provide useful information to prospective
migrants from Burma. We also hope that it can be used to instigate programmes
to protect the rights of and to provide the necessary services for undocumented
migrant workers, and by doing this, prevent more Burmese women from being
exploited. This report is written in the knowledge that women can become
empowered to make informed choices about their lives. It is also hoped that this
report will provide the general public with information not only about Burmese
migrant women, but also about the situation of undocumented migrant workers
who flee from Burma, a country ruled by a military regime...

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