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While the climate crisis has taken somewhat of a backseat since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, it continues to affect us all.  For the first time since the pandemic hit, Indigenous groups from around the world will be traveling to the annual COP in the coming days. This time they will be traveling to Glasgow to call for climate action and demand a greater say in negotiations, including in this very COP26. Despite being among the least culpable and most harmed by the climate crisis, Indigenous Peoples are still not fully included in influencing vital discussions in this regard.  

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What’s clear is this.  We know that Indigenous voices, knowledge and action are the pillars and the cornerstones of change when it comes climate change. Yet they are not receiving the attention they deserve.  We know that securing community land rights can help to slow climate change and bring us closer to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.  Yet land rights continue to take a backseat at prominent global meetings on the environment and international development in general.  

This is why the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities and the Land Portal Foundation teamed up to ask each of you how we can better promote Indigenous land rights and voices at the COP26.  We invite you to browse the short videos we have gathered here below.  And whether you are going to COP or keeping track from afar, make sure Indigenous Peoples and local communities are part of the conversation by clicking on the sign up button for updates.  


Dr. David R. Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment 


Patrick Worms, Senior Science Policy Advisor, CIFOR-ICRAF 

Indigenous peoples', from Fiji to Norway, lives and livelihoods are being disrupted by climate change and biodiversity loss.
- Dr. David R. Boyd, UN Special Rapporteur

Soua Lee, Project Manager, ADRA Lao

Edward Loure, Director, Ujamaa Community Resource Team 

Indigenous communities in Tanzania have been conservators by nature. Certain of these communities have managed to reduce deforestation in their forests to zero.
- Edward Loure, Director, Ujamaa Community Resource Team

Seraphine Charo,  Wildlife Works Kasigau REDD+ Project Marungu Location Carbon Committee Representative

Sahar Jallad, Land Governance Specialist, Birzeit University


The first steps in prioritizing solutions created by local communities is by supporting them to understand their role in forest conservation at a global scale.
- Seraphine Charo, Wildflife Works Kasigau REDD+  Committee Representative

Chantaly Syfongxay, Project Manager, ADRA Lao 

Emmanuelle Berenger, Lead Sustainable Forest Management, Rainforest Alliance 


Funding and decisions during COP26 and after must integrate that local communities need adequate technical and financial support to become ecosystem stewards at scale.
 - Emmanuelle Berenger, Lead Sustainable Forest Management, Rainforest Alliance

Obanga Oghuni, Program Director, NGO Coalition for Environment

Indigenous Peoples and local communities are the most formidable environmental security systems. 
- Obanga Oghuni, Program Director, NGO Coalition for Environment

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4 novembre 2021

Thursday, 4th November 4-6pm @ Theatre CCA

Connecting Scotland to indigenous community-based solutions to land protection and transformation. Exploring individual local people’s connection to the land and why that matters. How does their advocacy for and stewardship of the land engage with the climate crisis?

5 novembre 2021
Landesa - Rural Development Institute

Friday, 5 Nov. 2021
13:15 – 14:30 UTC+1
Multimedia Studio 3

Attendees at COP26 in Glasgow are invited to join us for a conversation about the critical role women play in building climate resilient food systems.

1 novembre 2021
Global Environment Facility

Monday, November 1, 11:00 - 12:30 GMT

Although growing evidence demonstrates the primary role of indigenous peoples and local communities in protecting forests and biodiversity, an analysis of climate funds invested over the past 10 years shows that these have not reached the communities where nature protection activities are actually at stake. 

1 novembre 2021

BRASILIA, Nov 1 (Reuters) - Brazil's indigenous people said on Monday they would tell a U.N. climate conference that the world needs their expertise in protecting the Amazon rainforest to solve the global warming crisis.

Flickr Brazil land
2 novembre 2021

(Sao Paulo) – Brazil’s climate commitments and policies fall far short of what is needed to address the environmental and human rights crisis in the Amazon rainforest.

Blog post

World leaders are failing ordinary people on climate change. From Fairbourne in Wales to China and Japan; the Amazon and Congo rainforests to the Pacific Islands – here are some of the people our leaders should be listening to at the COP26 global climate talks.

World leaders are meeting this week at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow to agree stronger pledges to stop the world warming to dangerous levels.

30 octobre 2021

Ron Turney, a water protector of the White Earth Nation tribe, has been diligently photographing what he says shows the effects of drilling fluid spills and an aquifer breach in northern Minnesota, where a Canadian energy company 

Burkina Faso picture CIFOR
1 novembre 2021

Women’s access and ownership rights to land and trees are key to addressing global warming, biodiversity loss and the inequity crisis, the authors of a study said in the run-up to the U.N. COP26 climate talks in Glasgow.

2 novembre 2021

The UN Climate Change Conference (the official name for climate Conferences of the Parties) has happened every year since 1995. The two-week summits are an important space for stakeholders to discuss the climate crisis on a global level. These annual conferences bring together those that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an international environmental treaty addressing climate change .Each year representatives from every party come together to discuss action on climate change in what is known as a COP. The 26th COP was meant to take place in Glasgow, UK last November, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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