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Sanofi House, Second Floor, 44 on Grand Central Office Park, 2 Bond Street, Grand Central Extension 1, Midrand 1632 Johannesburg , Gauteng
Afrique du Sud
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FinMark Trust is an independent non-profit trust whose purpose is ‘Making financial markets work for the poor, by promoting financial inclusion and regional financial integration’. We pursue our core objective of making financial markets work for the poor through two principle programmes. The first is through the creation and analysis of financial services consumer data to provide in depth insights on both served and unserved consumers across the developing world. The second is through systematic financial sector inclusion and deepening programs to overcome regulatory, supplier and other market level barriers hampering the effective provision of services. Together, these programmes unlock financial inclusion and sector development through a symbiotic relationship between rigorous data collection and research activities. Our work can be found in South Africa, throughout the SADC region and the global arena.

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