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The housing need in Romania

The housing need in Romania is one of the most severe in the European Union:

  • Of the 5 million Romanians who live in poverty, 1.5 million are children.
  • Some 52% of Romanians live in overcrowded conditions.
  • Urgent repairs are needed on 21.5% of the country’s houses as they are in very poor condition.
  • In winter months, 12% of Romanians cannot keep their homes adequately warm.
  •  Housing costs overburden 15% of Romanians.


How Habitat addresses the need

Healthy, accessible buildings

We build and repair houses with low-income families who live in damaged or overcrowded  homes. We also help build or repair public utility centers in vulnerable communities, including community centers, medical centers and/or schools. Habitat for Humanity Romania became a “State Public Utility” in 2008. We now take some of the responsibilities from public authorities in disaster response issues related to prevention and reconstruction.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

Habitat Romania intervenes in cases of natural disasters in vulnerable communities and supports prevention training to educate people on how to intervene or prepare in case of man-made or natural  disasters. Through our completed partnership with Romania’s Department of Emergency Situations, we are recognized as an official partner for prevention and response to natural disasters. Habitat Romania has also become part of the disaster risk reduction national platform.

Advocacy and awareness raising

We advocate to Influence public policy and legislation for more people in need of improved shelter to benefit from safe, decent and affordable housing.

International development

We support cooperation for development of homes beyond our borders by mobilizing Romanian volunteers who travel to help build houses in much of the southern regions of Asia, Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East.


What you can do


Every donation helps a family build a foundation. Be a donor of our building projects: Cash donations or Building materials.


Nothing builds the team better than building a home with a family in need of improved shelter. Your work colleagues can join forces during a team building experience at a Habitat Romania home construction worksite.


Habitat affiliates in the United States are encouraged to come to Romania to help build stronger and safer communities. 



Gabriela Ciripiala 

Resource Development and Communication Director 


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This project will develop the capacity of civil society organisations and excluded women to advocate for their rights to secure tenure and property through changes in law and practice. Part of the project will involve working with the local authorities to make their process more transparent and responsive to the needs of women and vulnerable groups on tenure issues. The project will benefit 2,500 families directly and 800,000 families indirectly

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