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Diponegoro University (IndonesianUniversitas Diponegoro, abbreviated as Undip) is a public university in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Founded in 1957 as a private university by the Semarang University Foundation, it is a pioneer of higher learning institutions in Indonesia and the first and oldest education corporation in Central Java. It is a member of IDGHE (the so-called Ivy League colleges) in Indonesia.


Source: Wikipedia (consulted d.d. February 23rd 2018)


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Publication évaluée par des pairs
juin 2017

Needs land settlement increasingly over the development of cities. Demands of land use settlement that can’t be accommodated by the city space to inflict urban sprawl to the urban fringe. Urban fringe development caused visibility of the morphology. Propose of the research is to know the form of morphology settlement urban fringe the southern Surakarta.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
juillet 2016

One of the educational areas which have the function as the center of the new growth is the Campus of the State University of Semarang. The existence of Unnes trigger the development of the Sekaran sub-district. One area that has developed commercial activity quite rapidly in the Sekaran sub-district is the Taman Siswa Road Corridor.

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