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Abril 2002

Short analysis of the farm invasions from the perspective of Zimbabwe’s 300,000 farm workers, who are among those excluded from the distribution of land. In the past land invaders have been evicted by government which makes those now settled uneasy. Criticises technocratic proposals by the opposition which would also disqualify farm workers.

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Maio 2001

This paper draws on research on the enforcement of the Land Act of 1979 in Lesotho. It seeks to show that illegal settlements occur under the shadow of formal state rules, from which social actors borrow selectively and in opportunistic ways to acquire urban property rights. This is possible because of inconsistencies and contradictions in state rules and enforcement methods.

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Setembro 1999

World Bank Group President, James Wolfensohn addressed the Board of Governors. In the past year the Bank launched a new initiative—the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF). The aim was to bring the social and the structural aspects of development together with the macroeconomic and the financial so as to establish a much more balanced and effective approach.

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Maio 1999
América Latina e Caribe

James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, reassessed the global financial architecture and its impact on Latin America. Latin American countries, being small economies, are very vulnerable to world pressures. After a huge drop in private sector finance, we’re seeing the first signs of return.

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Abril 1999

James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, discussed the international development framework; legal and justice system; financial supervision and control at the level of banks, financial markets, capital markets, leasing, and agricultural banks; and social safety net and a social structure to come up with programs for privatization in the former Soviet Union.

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Fevereiro 1999
República Popular Democrática da Coreia
Ásia Oriental

James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank Group, discussed what the Bank learned in coming to look at the issues of poverty and development. Development requires proper economic policies, but also the essential element of the social aspects and human aspects of society.

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In Zambia, security of tenure for communities residing under customary land tenure settings has in recent years increasingly come under threat owing to the pressures of high rate of urbanization, speculation, subdivision and conversion to state land, which effectively excludes marginal populations from accessing resources for their land.

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ABSTRACTRapid urbanization has continued to occur in many post independent capital cities in Africa with serious competition for land and housing among urban dwellers thereby posing challenges to governments.

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The Land Use Act of Nigeria, first enacted in 1978 was intended to simplify and standardise land administration systems across the country. It vested the authority to plan, assign and approve certificates of land ownership in the state governors, and all non-urban land in the local governments.

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República Centro-Africana

This paper underscores that corruption remains of key concern to land governance institutions in Africa, escalates costs of doing business and therefore undermines investments. Where widespread, land related corruption can grossly undermine tenure security, that it can cause deep discontent and foment social and political insecurity.

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