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La escala es la relación entre la representación de un fenómeno sobre una mapa, plano o carta, guardando una medida de proporción con la realidad. Entre más detalle contenga un mapa, plano o carta, su escala es mayor.

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Artisanal and small-scale mining affects the quality and components of the environment in the Batouri area in different ways. Activities interfere with air, soil, water, fauna and forest resources. This study seeks to assess the impacts of mining on the environment using a combination of spatial analysis, questionnaires administration and Leopold’s grid of impact assessment.

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This paper explores the impact of large-scale agricultural investment on household livelihood outcomes among smallholder farmers in Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. The study used qualitative and quantitative data from a sample of 376 households. Quantitative data analysis employed independent samples t-test and multiple linear regressions.

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