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Estructura agraria

The complex of relationships involving land tenure, production, supporting services and rural institutions. Source: UNBIS Thesaurus, 2009

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Octubre 2012

Like many of its neighbors, Tanzania is experiencing a well-documented surge of land grabbing related to investments in industries such as agriculture, biofuels, tourism, hunting, and forestry. Land grabbing in Tanzania is best understood and analyzed as both a symptom of and contributor towards wider political economic processes of change occurring in Tanzania.

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Legislación y políticas
Agosto 2012

A Green Growth Investment Framework for the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania

Junio 2012
Viet Nam

In the wake of reforms to establish a free market in land-use rights, Vietnam is experiencing a pronounced rise in rural landlessness. To some observers this is a harmless by-product of a more efficient economy, while to others it signals the return of the pre-socialist class-structure, with the rural landless at the bottom of the economic ladder.

Junio 2012

The overall objective of the present study is to contribute to the knowledge-base that is urgently required for the implementation of sustainable rural development activities in Haiti.

Informes e investigaciones
Mayo 2012
Viet Nam

The policy reforms called for in the
transition from a socialist command economy to a developing
market economy bring both opportunities and risks to a
country's citizens. In poor economies, the initial
focus of reform efforts is naturally the rural sector, which

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