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Mayo 2013
Macedonia del Norte

This volume examines and evaluates the impact of international statebuilding interventions on the political economy of conflict-affected countries over the past 20 years. It focuses on countries that are emerging, or have recently emerged, from periods of war and protracted conflict. The interventions covered fall into three broad categories:

Natural Resource Management and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan
Informes e investigaciones
Mayo 2013

This report looks at the ways in which natural resource management—the institutions, policies and practices that govern land, water, forests, minerals, hydrocarbons—interact with violent conflict in Afghanistan.

Abril 2013

Following a November 2012 public roundtable conducted in Kabul through USAID’s Land Reform in Afghanistan (LARA) project, one man was moved to grant portions of his family’s land over to each of his sisters, who had previously been denied the opportunity to inherit any of the property.

Febrero 2013

This report summarizes the main outputs
of the technical assistance provided which was concentrated
in three areas: (1) development of MAIL's strategic
priorities and investments for the immediate future/short
term, medium term and longer term; (2) advising Ministry of

Febrero 2013

This study attempts to quantify the
benefits that could be obtained for the country of
Afghanistan from the developments of the Aynak copper and
Hajigak iron ore deposits and to discuss policies and
programs-based on the experience of other countries-that

Febrero 2013

The government of Afghanistan has an
opportunity in the coming months to turn the country around.
It is now opportune to improve security, governance, and
development. Unprecedented international military support,
political attention and aid are available to Afghanistan.

Land, People, and the State in Afghanistan: 2002 - 2012
Informes e investigaciones
Febrero 2013

This paper reviews the formal treatment of land rights in Afghanistan over the post-Bonn decade (2002 - 2012). The objective is to document the developments in the recent past to better understand present and possible future trends.

Enero 2013

In societies with widespread gender
discrimination, development programs that encourage female
participation in local governance can potentially redress
gender imbalances in economic, political, and social
outcomes. Using a randomized field experiment encompassing

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