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Enero 2017
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ISBN 978-92-95093-22-5
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2011 the International Land Coalition

This gender study forms part of the International Land Coalition’s ‘Commercial Pressures on Land Initiative’ Global Study. As stated by the International Land Coalition (ILC), the goal of this initiative is to support the efforts of ILC members and other stakeholders to influence global, regional and national processes on land to enable secure and equitable access to land for poor women and men in the face of increasing commercial demand for land (ILC 2010a, emphasis added). The Global Study includes numerous thematic, paradigmatic, regional and country case study reports (ILC 2010b); the objective of the present gender study is therefore to complement and support this work with a careful and focused analysis of the gendered impacts of commercial pressures on land (CPL), especially the impacts on women. The study highlights the different risks and opportunities posed by CPL specifically for women based on the assumption that women are disproportionately affected by CPL – because, even though women as a group are not homogenous, they are generally vulnerable as a group.

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Elizabeth Daley


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