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Enero 2016
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The first phase of the “Water for Livestock in Isiolo and Garissa Counties, Kenya — Enhancing water resource and rangeland management community capacity through training and strategic water development” has been implemented in in the arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya by IUCN, the Kenya Red Cross Society, and Adeso, with the support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The overall objective of the pilot phase of the project was to improve livelihoods and resilience against drought for targeted communities in North Eastern Kenya. Specifically, the project interventions sought to: • Improve access to water for livestock across Isiolo and Garissa Counties in ways which promote more sustainable management of rangeland resources, and as such strengthen the resilience of local communities in times of drought and climate variability; • Strengthen the capacity of local institutions – both state and traditional to understand and implement water and range management in the drylands, and build ownership for the sustainable governance and maintenance of water infrastructure; • Document and share overall learning and lessons on project approaches with a wider audience involved in water infrastructure development and natural resource management (NRM) in both Counties to share practices in water development and technology adoption for sustainable utilization of available range resources.

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Yasin Mahadi Salah, Akshay Vishwanath, Robert Wild and John Nyachieo


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