Promoting Responsible Governance of Investments in Land (RGIL) in Laos | Land Portal
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Enero 2023
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Laos plans to graduate from least developed country status by 2024. To spur economic growth,
the Lao government builds on a resource-based export economy, major mining projects, the
constructions of dams, and the expansion of plantation agriculture. A key focus is the promotion
of foreign direct investment in agriculture and forestry, to promote technology transfer for
intensification of the agricultural sector and thus employment and income for the rural population.However, agriculture and forestry investment projects are placing growing pressure on land as a resource. Due to the lack of suitable and efficient protective measures, transparency, and adequate conflict prevention and resolution mechanisms,such investments often lead to conflict, forced expropriation, and economic displacement with a possible impact on poverty and malnutrition.These negative effects are exacerbated by the lack or unclear recognition of tenure rights and agenerally low tenure security in Laos, where only about one third of land parcels are titled.Consequently, the rural population, especially women and socially marginalised groups, often lack reliable access to land or are otherwisenegatively affected by investment projects.

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