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9 décembre 2019

Uganda’s tradition of “customary” land ownership means many landowners don’t hold titles to their property, and land disputes are rampant. With little faith in police or courts, Ugandans have turned to mob justice – and landowners fear for their lives.

Fonte: ONU
5 septembre 2019

Noar Natolo e Scovia Bulyaba são tecelãs e fazem parte da comunidade de Nagoje, localizada na floresta de Mabira, em Uganda. Para complementar sua renda, elas coletam folhas de palmeiras e tecem tapetes que posteriormente são tingidos com produtos naturais.

26 avril 2019

Kampala. Advocates for Natural Resources and Development, an advocacy organisation, have blamed government for licensing quack Chinese investors who have invested in mineral extraction activities that have caused environment destruction and affected surface rights of people whose land falls within licensed areas.

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