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15 mai 2017


Rights to land for women have been enshrined in law in Zimbabwe, but the practice of law in reality often has not delivered women’s empowerment and rights. This must change, but how?

13 mars 2017

A major task of Zimbabwe’s new Land Commission will be to undertake periodic audits of land and its use nationwide. This is a tricky technical and political challenge.

8 mars 2017

Chengetai Zonke lost much of her maize crop to drought last year. When it came to planting again, she decided to reduce her stake in what has become a recurrent climate change gamble.

8 mars 2017
États-Unis d'Amérique

Across the wide world, women are rising up to protect the Earth, one another, and the common good

21 février 2017

By: Andrew Mambondiyani

Date: 21 February 2017

Source: Reuters

From the mountaintop at Skyline in the Chimanimani district of eastern Zimbabwe, a mosaic of scorched trees and timber can be seen stretching for miles on end.


Date: November 10th 2016
Source: ZimEye

EUROPE’S top diplomat in Zimbabwe has expressed concern over a new wave of land expropriations in the country, saying this has slowed down the country’s reform and re-engagement programme.

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