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Dorobo’s real niche is providing a source experience for clients that connects with local people who are close to the land. What this entails is long-term partnerships with local communities that are fair and transparent and allows for structured but un-staged encounter. The areas have a wilderness character so that visitors (and we ourselves) have the privilege of learning about wildlife, nature, and the land through a synergy of traditional and scientific knowledge.

We specifically design safaris that cater for individual groups and therefore don’t have set itineraries. While we organize all sorts of safaris, our other niche which fits with above but not exclusively, are safaris that have at least some element of walking. Walking in the bush provides a great complement to the amazingly close encounters one has on traditional vehicle game viewing drives. In addition to walking in community wilderness areas, we are now able to offer great walks in the Serengeti, Tarangire and Ruaha National Parks.

Another niche is student groups. We run more than a dozen a year. These range from high school student groups who start out working for a couple of weeks on a community service stint building a classroom or clinic or whatever the community priority is. They end then with a safari that runs from a week to two.

We also host University groups including University of Delaware, Lewis & Clark University, Univ. of Wisconsin; Gustavus Adolphus College; St Lawrence that are field trips in which students are evaluated and given credit.

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