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Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF)'s mission is to empower women by promoting their rights, increasing their participation and influence at the community, national, and international levels through initiating, promoting, and strengthening strategies which link law and development.

WiLDAF's objectives are to establish and facilitate communication among network members in the areas of legal education, law and policy reform and legal services and to further clarify and promote effective ways of using law as an organizing tool at the local, national and regional levels; provide training and advise local groups in designing and improving legal programs and strategies and coordinate the compilation of and exchange of studies and legal research; and establish and maintain a regional emergency response system to respond quickly to serious violations of women’s rights.

WiLDAF focuses its activities on four priority issues: (1) fostering rights awareness and action; (2) advocating law and policy reform; (3) access to and control over economic resources; and (4) confronting violence against women.

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